5 Tools and Tips to help maintain Consistency

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Build Consistency with 2do


5 Tools to help build Consistency

with Everything including online jobs and surveys!

Consistency by definition calls for conformity in the application of something, in

other words are we equally applying ourselves long enough to see desirable results. I’m no expert on consistency , but I have realized that consistency is the father of success regardless of what you are trying to succeed at.

Here’s a GREAT video to get you pumped up:


It’s not easy being consistent, since I struggle my self every day, so I use a few tools to help me get what I need to get completed … DONE. Some of these may seem a bit extreme, but at least try them out to get you going, you may not need them forever like I do. 😀

5 Great Tools to build your Consistency

1. Eat right, and drink more water

First, grab a GREAT BIG glass of water, and drink it…all of it… then finish reading this tip.

This could have easily been listed last, but I feel this is  important that if only read one thing, you at least read this. It’s hard to be consistent if you feel like crap. Make things easy on yourself. Just simply making sure you are staying hydrated can make all the difference in the world.

Great tools you can use to make this happen:Waterlogged consistency

Posted notes, refrigerator magnets, an alarm going off on your phone to tell you to drink water. If you have a smart phone, they have plenty of apps designed specifically for making sure you’re drinking enough water.

Iphone app: WaterLogged

This is a great app to remind you to drink your water. It also is a great way to track your water intake.

Click here to see the website.

Android app: Water your Body

Android users are out of luck with “Waterlogged” but there are tons of free selections such as an app called “Water Your Body”

Click here to view “Water Your Body”

Build consistency by drinking more water. Try Waterlogged to be consistent in drinking water!

2. Use a Calendar or to-do list

Using a to-do list AND Calender is great especially if you have a hard time paying attention. My personal FAVORITE  is 2d0 for Iphone, Ipad, and PC/Mac. I sync with Toodledo. You can enter large amounts of tasks at one time syncing with Toodledo. It’s very great at reminding you of tasks, and very, very easy to use. Consistency doesn’t have to be hard when using 2do.

Build Consistency with 2do

Build Consistency with 2do

2do is not free but it’s a great choice. Free choices like reminders for Iphone, and Wunderlist for Android are also greeeeeaat choices!

3.Learn how to Use Excel

Make use of spreadsheets to keep track of progress, money, and other things in general. I have created the Earnings Tracker on Excel for

Increase your earnings!

Increase your earnings from online surveys by keeping track of your participation!

people wanting to be consistent with online surveys. It’s also used to have a list of the greatest survey sites on hand at all times, and automatically calculate your earnings with the amount of points you enter.  What you can do with spreadsheets are LIMITLESS. Learn how to use spreadsheets and you won’t be disappointed that you did. Great FREE sites to learn how to use spreadsheets are:

Try our Survey Earnings Tracker Here!

Spreadsheets are used in accounting money, assets, PEOPLE.. you name it. Very complex operations can be carried out on spreadsheets.

4.Sticky Notes

Yes, sticky notes are great… they can be MESSY, but great. Use them, in the event your technology does not work. Internet is cut off because the bill was not paid, Computer explodes to a million and one pieces,  you kid throws you phone into a camp fire.. what ever the reason, you’ll have sticky reminders to get things done!

5. Make a Binder

If you are REALLY ADHD like me, then you’ll need something extreme like this. In any case this WILL work. All you need is paper, a 3 hole punch, a printer or marker, and a small binder and simply put your daily checklist in it. In the event that your technology fails you, you have hard copies to fall back on. This binder would have your daily tasks, chores, surveys… what ever you think is important to get done on a daily basis. Have the binder visible at all times to remind you that you don’t have time to waste messing around on Facebook.

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