CashCrate and Swagbucks? Shootout!!

by SurveyJargon

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CashCrate and Swagbucks?..Time for a shoot out!

Which One will survive til the end?

Hmm.. That is a good question. These are two pretty good sites that offer a ton of ways to earn money including taking surveys.

Below we will conduct the shootout between CashCrate and Swagbucks.. Lets begin shall we..

CashCrate vs Swagbucks Shootout

Cash Offers

SoapCash Offers include buying items for an incentive.
Thomas Hawk / / CC BY-NC

Both Cashcrate and Swagbucks advertise many cash offers. The way cash offers work in general is that Swagbucks and Cashcrate will receive a profit from you for

participating in those offers. As an incentive to you , they will share some of the profit with you for signing up , or buying services thru one of their ads. The main thing is to be careful with this because many offers will require a credit card. If you plan to make money with cash offers just be sure to keep track of all of your active offers and do not get charged for anything that you are not willing to pay for. It will be impossible to get your money back if that happens.

Over all SwagBucks does this better. They offer more cash offers, and they actually pay a little more than CashCrate in the form of  SBs (redeemable for cash)

Winner: SwagBucks! Join Free Now!


Surveys / Cash Tasks

Swagbucks and Cash Crate both offers surveys. They also have multiple sections in where you can participate in them. CashCrate and Swagbucks uses the same “survey engines”  via targeted email however I find that CashCrate pays slightly more than Swagbucks does.. but not by much.  Right now CashCrate is lacking in the email department, but in terms of overall payment. We’ll have to go with CashCrate.


Winner: CashCrate! Join Free Now!


Games/ Watching Videos

Super Blast MarioEarn From view ads by playing games and Videos
JD Hancock / / CC BY

It’s almost unfair to have this comparison between swag bucks and Cashcrate, but it has to be done. Games are a very attractive option especially when you are tired of constantly taking surveys, and doing cash tasks (if you’re into that).  CashCrate game section as of today of this post, needs to have a serious upgrade. As well as the videos. Swagbucks offers Swagbucks TV, SBTV Mobile, and some of the best casual games on the internet that pays you to watch and play. CashCrate is good, but Swagbucks is 20 times better.

Winner: Swagbucks! Join Free Now!

Paid to Search

CashCrate used to offer $0.10 per day/10 searches per day. However, now they have the search feature locked until you complete at least $1.00 worth of offer

Troop Inspection (Explored)Paid to search like Darth Vader
pasukaru76 / / CC BY

completions (not including survey completions.) That killed the little competition against swagbucks it had. The search at CashCrate is pretty much useless when compared to the superior paid to search program that SwagBucks has to offer. Swagbucks will pay regardless for about every 8 or so searches (ranging from $0.05 – $0.40).  We all know who the winner is here:

Winner: Swagbucks! Join Free Now!


Overall Variety

With everything considered about both CashCrate and SwagBucks  we can help but say the obvious. Swag Bucks crushes CashCrate in every aspect. CashCrate had a chance but kinda screwed the bit of chance they had. .. Dont get us wrong CashCrate is a great site for making money, and it is listed on our top websites however if you had to choose only one of the two sites in this shootout the winner would be:

SwagBucks!  Join Free Now!


So what are you going to do? Get your CashCrate and Swagbucks on! Join now!




Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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