Make extra money using your ATM Card

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Make extra money using your credit or ATM card

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The number of ways you can earn money online are increasing almost daily it seems. You can earn money from online surveys, cash tasks, and even watching videos. But let’s face it, many of these ways can be tedious to say the least. Even being paid to simply watch videos sounds fun, but many times these may be videos we may not feel like watching at that particular time. But there are more ways to earn money that are even less intrusive to our normal daily routine. One of these ways is by simply making purchases online as well as at local stores.

It sounds like the opposite of “making money” , but it works in a unique way. There are a growing number of rewards programs, and cash back programs…and this works in a very similar manner.

A rewards program usually pays its members by giving cash back reward points. A good example of a rewards program is a fuel reward card program. These rewards are received by the customer after a certain product on promotion was purchased, gas purchased thru a fuel rewards program (ex Shell’s fuel reward program), and even by linking a credit/debit card up to websites like shopkicker.

Sites like Swagbucks have these kinds of programs as well. Swagbucks also has a visa credit card that is issued by Firstbank card.

This card works the same as any other credit card. By using the Swagbucks visa card responsibly, you will receive cash back on all purchases. Purchases include any online purchases made , as well as purchases made anywhere offline (supermarkets, cell phone bills, best buy etc). The “cash back” rewards program is rewarded to the member in the form of swagbucks (sbs). The swagbucks can be redeemed for a number of different gift cards ranging from $1-$100 or more depending on the store, and even Paypal payments from $25-$250. You can even use the credit card as an ATM card for cash advances up to an amount that is proportional to your credit limit.


Just like every other activity that you do on swagubucks, the sbs that you receive from the visa card is included in your total swagbucks account.

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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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