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Most Promising Survey Sites Online 

For new and beginning survey takers feeling they have been wasting  colossal amounts of time on survey timeouts, errors, closed surveys offers and other endless problems preventing payments. This article is to give the reader some peace of mind.

The below survey sites, are the most promising survey sites online. The reason is because they lack many of the problems that discourage readers from most other sites.
Many survey sites are filled with errors, and closed surveys thereby wasting the survey takers time, and effort.


Most Promising Online Survey Sites

Survey Savvy 

Very clear, and straight forward. Surveys are usually a pleasure to do once qualified. Very little problems during the surveys themselves. If there is a problem

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during or after a survey, customer service will handle the problem within 72 hours.

Spring Board America

Another delightful survey site and company. Surveys are usually 1st party and are extremely easy to complete , even on iPad or iPhone!

Global Test Market

Global Test Market pays out very well, and is a very fair survey panel. Not a lot of games being played by these guys.


The same as Global Test Market. These guys are almost identical, but are parts of different parent companies.

Pure Profile

Lovely site, very non invasive  as far as advertisements and email. The pay is usually pretty darn good for the surveys available. B

e sure to check this site daily.

Paid ViewPoint

Never screen out of a survey again! Paid Viewpoint is a definite keeper. The longer you’re with these guys , there more you make.

Below is a list of things users should do to prevent problems during (and after) surveys.

Additional things the User should do:

Prepare your computer by doing the following tasks:

– Use a windows computer if possible.

– Use Internet Explorer, or Mozilla FireFox. (for Maximum Compatibility)

– Keep Browser updated to latest release.

– Install and update Java, and Flash.

– Use a password application like 1password, or Roboform.

Other things include:

– Doing 1 survey at a time

– Take your time during surveys.

– If you have an error after a completed survey, take a snapshot of the error and contact customer service with the study number.

– Stay positive. Being positive keeps you consistent, and being consistent earns you more at the end of the day.



Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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