No. 1 thing that kills YOUR survey..stop a survey screen out!

by SurveyJargon

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Slowly killing a “survey screen out” instead of your money

Do you seem to get done quickly with your online surveys?  Do you get paid often? You don’t?? Hmm..Now, how can that


The biggest reason survey takers are not finishing surveys with payout is because they are rushing. 

SOLUTION: This is rather self explanatory.. SLOW down, and READ the questions (out aloud if need be). It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Be sure you are understanding what the questions are asking. Even though there are no right or wrong answers, there still are to some degree. “Wrong” answers will cause a survey screen out, and you will not be paid.

Some of the questions in a survey actually require you to think for a minute or two, instead of the 0 .003 second answers..aka mindless clicking.. Surveys can pick up on this and will not hesitate to give you the boot.

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Also, keep in the back of your mind..once you are selected for a survey, you are representing hundreds of individuals in your area to the company. That should make you feel a little more important lol.

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Bottom Line

A Survey screen out will happen. Its just part of taking surveys. But some people get screen outs more than others because of the above mistake. Bottom line of this post is to remind survey takers to slow down, and read the questions. While we think we get paid more for rushing, we actually get paid more for slowing down.

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