YouGov Review: Crumby or Classic?

by SurveyJargon

YouGov Review: About YouGov

YouGov is a little different than your average survey site as most survey sites are centered around improving products and services whereas YouGov’s mission is more about helping government, and institutions as well …as companies to make more informed decisions about how to better serve the different communities around the world all while paying it’s members for their opinions.
so now that you know a little of what YouGov is about, lets get to the review. Starting first with navigation and user experience.

Navigation and User Experience


Next in our YouGov review is Navigation and User experience.
In general YouGov keeps things simple, quick, and easy. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be presented with a user homepage with many standard selections of most online survey websites. Like many survey sites, surveys may not be immediately available to you until you complete your profile questions as well as responding to questions in the YouGov daily question section.. 
Your YouGov profile and daily questions can found on the user homepage by scrolling down slightly.  Click the daily questions tab be presented with questions that you can answer to help YouGov understand you and your type of lifestyle in order to get you the appropriate surveys and polls.
The navigation and User Experience of YouGov is definitely …above average.



Next on the list is Surveys…
When you do finally get some surveys, you will more than likely be notified on the member homepage and possibly email.  Surveys with YouGov are usually not very long as opposed to many other sites where surveys run for 20-40 mins or longer. YouGov surveys tend to be short, sweet and fun. The drawback here is that YouGov is not known for having a ton of survey opportunities, so we’d have to say that survey opportunities with YouGov are a little below average.

Method of Payment


Now.. things have been sounding ok up to this point, however when we come to the topic of actually redeeming YouGov points. Things get a little cloudy. Most people come to survey sites mostly to make a little extra money. While YouGov is very entertaining …Not many members have the intentions of only being entertained .. but to actually make some money. YouGov pays an average of 500 points per survey where you’ll need a minimum of 25,000 points to cash out with a gift card which AMOUNTS TO 15 bucks. Not bad.. but only if you’re getting surveys on a regular basis. 
Again, many members complain that they don’t see very many surveys, which creates a good argument that it takes a very long time to accumulate 25,000 points. At 100,000 points you could possibly cash out 100  bucks which is a little better as far “how much money are you given for the amount of points you redeem, but many  ask the question “How many people actually make it to 100,000 points?”
Now let’s say you’re lucky enough to make it to 25, 50, or 100,000 points, you’re not quite out of the woods just yet.
It’s a common complaint that YouGov many times can be a little stingy when it comes to paying out rewards. So we’d have to say that YouGov’s payment system is not what it should be… to keep it nice.  
And that brings us to the final topic in this review of YouGov which is it’s Customer support.

Customer Support


Customer support at YouGov is powered by “Zendesk”. Zendesk itself is GREAT.. the particular concern here lies in YouGov. Many members complain that they don’t receive responses from customer support especially regarding difficulty in redeeming points. We’d imagine this would be the most important complaint to resolve. 
Before I, myself became a member I’ve read the many, many complaints about this particular problem, and I continued to give YouGov a shot anyways. So what was my result?…Over the past 7 years as a YouGov member I’ve never been able to successfully redeem points, or be helped by a customer service rep to help me figure out why I couldn’t redeem points.. I would have to say that over the course of several years I’ve sent somewhere in the ballpark of 75 to 100 support request to YouGov … with no response.
We understand that no website or business is perfect and that every member will have their own experiences, but several years .. no response?.. that’s just not acceptable for any member and I would hate to hear about anyone else having to deal with that. 
Now, The points at YouGov don’t expire but I’m not sure if that makes things better here with YouGov. One would ask … “why did you continue using YouGov when they did not pay you or help you..  Well my answer to that would be I continued to keep this account so that I could see for myself if it really was going to be that bad.. and it was worse that I imagined.
We’d have to say that Customer support is currently the back breaker for YouGov, and we’d have to say it’s well below average.


The big take away from this review is that while YouGov is a very entertaining survey site , I would not rely on the idea that it’s easy to actually make money with.  So I can not recommend YouGov to anyone who is looking to have a peace of mind while they put any amount of effort into making extra money with online surveys. This is in no way to say that YouGov itself is a horrible company or that there aren’t many people out there that are doing well with YouGov. It just apparent that his part of the company is lacking and It’s just not for me.
As I do not recommend YouGov, I highly recommend Swagbucks, Paidviewpoint, and Survey Savvy… in that order. In fact these are my top three picks for earning extra money from surveys as well as many other useful and fun activities they offer. Never had an issue whatsoever with getting paid or with customer service requests.
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