5 of the worst survey sites for 2018

by SurveyJargon

Your time is important! To us, It’s nothing worse than wasting time. To many people, doing online surveys is a good way to use our time as it is a great way to make extra money. Doing online surveys can be beneficial in several ways, to include earning money, learning about new products, and getting free stuff. This sounds great, but there are many sites that are not all they claim to be. When encountering these sites, it can be very frustrating to waste time. This post will explain how 5 of the worst survey sites for 2018 has failed our hopes and expectations.

1. Survey Spot

Survey Spot

Sigh… For some reason I really stuck by Survey Spot for years and really wanted to like them. However, I just wasn’t getting the money, or survey invites. Many complaints about Survey Spot include:

Even though we have a soft ‘spot’ for Survey Spot, we could not in good conscious list this as a good site to start taking surveys. With these reviews… its easily a good candidate for one of the worst survey sites for 2018.

Instead consider: Paid Viewpoint

2. My Survey

Oh boy…ouch.. here we go with go again. MySurvey was actually a long time favorite here at SurveyJargon. We didnt consider it to  be the best site, but definitely not what we would consider one of the worst sites online to take surveys. Reviews at surveypolice and other survey review sites show MySurvey to be among the worst the internet has to offer for a number of reasons.

  • No longer BBB
  • Pretty tough to qualify on most surveys
  •  171st place out of 175 survey sites w/ +500 reviews with score of 21%.
It’s a good looking survey site, and appears to be about the business, but we suggest you take yours else where.
Instead consider: Survey Savvy

3. Ipoll

At one time Ipoll was called SurveyHead. Back then this site was tolerable. Designed to be unique in that members would be offered surveys and many product testing opportunities. Product testing is always very fun and you get paid well. However, with Surveyhead the site has really taken a hit since it rebranded itself as Ipoll a few years back. Survey opportunities seem to be very few, and the mobile app appears to be literally dead. We are rooting for a better future as things can turn around at the drop of a hat , but for now look else where for these product testing opportunities.
Instead consider: One Opinion

4. Opinion Bar

The biggest negative a survey site present is not paying their survey takers for the time they put into surveys. We understand that survey sites must screen participants, but when it’s a trend that a site doesn’t pay like they should, then it becomes a problem. Opinion bar has an overwhelming amount of complaints stating either non-payment, or severely late payments and slow site performance. Save yourself a ton of frustration and wasted time and use your time on another site. Definitely one of the worst survey sites of 2018.

Instead consider Branded Surveys

5. Ipsos-i-say

Ipsos- i-say is an oldie but has come a long way from it’s good days. Surveypolice has Ipsos-i-say as154th  best survey site out of 175 sites. Let’s put it another way … that’s the 21st worst rated survey site online with a decent amount of reviews. Complaints range from bad service , and low pay per surveys. Bottom line, most of the respondents just felt it wasn’t worth the time. It’s no surprise that Ipsos-I-say is considered one of the worst survey sites of 2018.

Instead consider Opinion Outpost

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