Top 5 Survey Sites for Full Time Students

by SurveyJargon

5 Survey Sites for Full Time Students

Full time students know that it takes hard work and time, and like most of you;  you may be looking for some kind of part time work. Between classes, homework, and extra curricular activities,

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your time in college can be very limited. And that doesn’t remove the fact that you still feel like you could use extra spending money. Online surveys continues to prove that it’s a great , and harmless way for full time students to make a couple hundred dollars a month. Here is a listing of 5 of those sites best suited for people with already busy schedules.

Site Descriptions


1. Global Test Market 

If you don’t have a lot of time for games in your life, you’ll want to stick with a site such as global test market for this particular reason. I use Global Test Market as my first stop daily. No games, just surveys and less BS.  Great choice I can not find a survey site I am happier with.

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2. MySurvey

This has a very similar setup to Global test market and is actually normally rated higher than Global Test Market however, I feel that they are pretty much the same survey site. Everything feels the same except for the difference in colors of the site logos. Another Great BBB accredited Survey site.  Great site for full time students, or any one looking to make money online with surveys.

My Survey

My Survey: Easiest Survey Sites to Earn Money Online

3. Swagbucks

I list Swag bucks because it is a phenomenal website. They do everything correctly as far as a “Get paid to” websites are concerned. The surveys are great too, they have 5 different sources of surveys you can choose from in the survey section. So it’s really like having 5 Survey Sites in one.. A great BANG for you BUCK here. Also, Swag bucks is just an all around fun that includes games, videos, music.. you name it! Part and full time students are in luck with Swagbucks!

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4. Survey Savvy 

This is another great choice for the busy. Survey Savvy is a no frills kind of a site, but with a Great reward system. Again, NO GAMES, just surveys and cash checks. Another BBB accredited survey company.

5. Cash Crate

Cash Crate is very similar to Swagbucks in that it is a “Get paid to” website, however it’s not quite as good. It does have 4 different sources to take surveys, so this is literally like having 4 survey sites in one.

I hope this has helped give some of you full time students some direction in which sites to start out with! Thank you for stopping by! For a bigger listing of all our sites, please navigate to “Survey Site Listing” or “Best Survey Sites”. Thank you again!




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