5 Ways you lose money doing online surveys

by SurveyJargon

Don't you lose money doing online surveys!


In this video, we shared 5 ways you lose money doing online surveys when taking online surveys.

Number 1.. Having an inaccurate user profile:


It might seem obvious, but it may surprise you just how much this can cause you to lose money doing online surveys. Most online survey sites require new members to create a user profile before they’ll send them surveys. With this profile, survey sites do their best to match members up with surveys they qualify for.
This gives a much greater chance of completing the surveys and collecting the rewards.
The solution here ..When signing up with new online survey sites , it’s best to be as accurate as possible with your demographics, personal, and professional lifestyles to ensure maximum payout.

Number 2… Taking too long to complete surveys..

This doesn’t mean simply taking your time.. ..taking your time is encouraged.. We’re talking 6 hours to complete a 20 minute survey.. it happens.
We take breaks, go make a sandwich or something..Some surveys will actually let you get away with this but this is not the case for most.
Usually surveys will time out either by an algorithm, in error… or the survey could just straight up crash. With all of that considered its best to have time set aside strictly for doing online surveys. If not ..at least make sure enough time is available before beginning a new survey. Don’t let this cause you to lose money doing online surveys.

Number 3… Rushing thru surveys…

This usually happens when we get either bored or impatient with the survey that we’re doing. Clicking on answers too quickly even if they are truthful, could get a user disqualified unnecessarily.

A good way to prevent this from happening (especially if you’re a fast reader) I found is to count at least 5 seconds between each selection, and 5 seconds before proceeding to each new page. This would complete the survey in an acceptable amount of time and minimize your number disqualifications. I’ve found this method to work very very well.

Number 4 .. Getting discouraged


Sooner or later, for a number of reasons you may feel discouraged. This could be because of lack or surveys, or having a string of failed surveys. This leads many people to just give up on on online surveys altogether.
Remember, that online surveys aren’t perfect and screen outs and disqualifications shouldn’t be taken personally. It happens to every survey taker . It helps to think of online surveys as a numbers game. The more you do , of course you’d have more disqualified surveys, but you’d also earn more money.. it just comes with the territory.

Number 5… Not using reliable survey sites..

Yes in the world of online surveys.. Not all survey sites are created equal. Many surveys sites are more likely to have surveys that crash, offer expired surveys,  or wrongly screen out qualified candidates. Even with the best of the best survey sites this may happen from time to time, but restricting your options to only the best survey sites is just another way to ensure you are using your time most efficiently if you wish to earn more money from online surveys.

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