6 Things you do to disqualify from surveys

by SurveyJargon

It sucks to disqualify from surveys. Doing online surveys can be tedious and it doesn’t take long before the thoughts of rushing thru a survey without reading questions becomes a thing. We do this with the hopes of completing more surveys and making more money but this and other things survey takers do to speed up the process actually cause you to waste more time. Below is a list of 7 things that survey takers do to disqualify from surveys:

  1. You disqualify from surveys because you don’t take the screening process seriously

    • Yeah , those annoying questions at the very beginning of surveys that ask you about all your
      disqualify from surveys

      Grid Survey

      personal business are “screener questions”. These questions are here to help find you appropriate surveys to take, or to just weed you out of the participant pool and find someone suitable for the survey. In any case, if you are not in demand then you will not be taking that survey. Be sure to read each question carefully, and answer slowly.

    • TIP: People who have certain jobs, or work for research companies are not allowed to take surveys.
  2. Not reading questions

    • We get it. Doing surveys are fun and are a great way to earn extra money but lets face it. For me after doing surveys for a little while, I get a tad bit tempted to skip reading questions and click on the first choice I see.
    • TIP: Slow down and read each question carefully to give correct responses.
  3. Answering questions too fast

    • Like number 2, flying thru a survey will get you booted as well. This doesn’t work too well for people who can read very fast and are handy with the mouse. This is one of the quickest ways to disqualify from surveys.
    • Easy fix.. just slow down….if you have to, allow several seconds for each question and then count 5 seconds after all questions have been answered before continuing to next page.
  4. Incorrectly answering those “trick” Questions

    • Survey makers love tricking survey takers. Of choices A thru C, they will tell you to choose “B”.. If you are not reading , you may choose A and then get booted.
    • TIP: Read all questions... This trick is to weed out people who are mindlessly taking surveys.
  5. Giving inconsistent answers during surveys

    • This is mainly for people who make up information to qualify for more surveys… it’s not honest but if you do it… at least remember the basic information that qualified you in first place. For instance, if you said you had kids , and then later answered a question that signifies you do not. Keep up with your lies folks.
    • TIP: Tell the truth during surveys.. it makes things easier .. trust me.
  6. Accessing outdated surveys

    • Many surveys are sent via email. It makes it convenient to have surveys available in your inbox, but they are not without time limits or first come first serve. Surveys can become filled or outdated quickly so attempt surveys as soon as you can to minimize failed surveys for this reason.
    • Tip: Check your emails often for new survey opportunities, and attempt them soon as possible. Set a filter, or create an email address just for survey taking if you are serious about it.

Keep in mind that doing surveys is supposed to be fun and easy, and never expect a survey to owe you anything. Have fun.

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