6 things you need to stop doing on surveys

by SurveyJargon

6 things that you need to stop doing in paid surveys

1. Expecting you will make a fortune — this is one reason people will quickly drop paid surveys. Some of the claims online are unrealistic, and a lot of the time these sites that make these bogus claims charge for there services.. Which leads to number 2.

2. Paying for the best survey companies — As soon as you see that you are to pay some kind of fee , get the hell off that site.. All surveys are meant to be free. Trust me, don’t do it!

3. Rushing — if you relax and slow it down, you’ll notice that the survey is much more pleasant to take and by not rushing you are many times more likely to complete the survey successfully.


4. Not reading the questions — Just like when your teacher used to yell your class about completely reading questions on an upcoming exam, the same applies to surveys. you’re being tested, and if you fail by inconsistently answering questions then you will lose out on a lot of money over time by having high drop out rates.

5. Wasting time on surveys you have no idea about — it’s tempting to want to complete those surveys that pay $20, $40, and sometimes even more than $75, however most of these require some kind of specialized knowledge. If you have no idea how to answer these questions, the survey is usually smart enough to realize your bs and you’ll be put out of the survey.

6. Doing too many surveys at one time — The money WILL come, by being patient and consistent the money will add up. Being anxious to make money quickly usually results in the person soon giving up and attempting another way of making money. Persistence, and patience are very important.

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