8 months using Scoutit “Receipt Hog”

by SurveyJargon

Receipt Hog has gotten so much attention on the web recently! “Receipt Hog” is a FREE app run by Scoutit Inc. Scoutit Inc. is a market research company created way back in 2007.

Scoutit Receipt Hog Logo

8 mos. w/ Scoutit’s Receipt Hog

 Rewards are given in PayPal, Amazon gift card, or magazines (Glamor, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health as of 12/19/2016).

You can now get Receipt Hog for iOS, and Android.

How to make money…

Receipt Hog will let you earn COINS, Hog SLOTS, and SWEEPSTAKES entries. Coins earned from receipts vary depending on the store type, and the amount. Below describes these very briefly.

  • Coins are:
    • Rewarded by shopping at Grocery, Gas stations, and retail stores etc.
    • Cash payments when at least 1000 coins reached.
      • Below shows reward amounts.
        • 1000 = $5
        • 1800 = $10
        • 3200 =$20
        • 4500 =$30
    • Hog Slots:
      • Earned from Toy, Clothing, and Hardware stores etc.
      • Slots offer you the chance to earn EXTRA coins, sweepstakes, trips, and cash prizes!
    • Sweepstakes:
      • Earned from stores not shown above such as fast food places, arcades, and game stores etc.
      •  Weekly drawings to win you up to 5000 coins!
Scoutit Receipt Hog

Scoutit Receipt Hog Dash Screen

  • Leveling System

    • When you first start out you be a level 1 Hog, and can go up to 30.
    • Your level will go up each time you complete a given time period.
      • “snapping receipts for a week will get you to level 2… and so on”
    • You are given a bonus for EACH level you go up!
    • The higher your level, the bigger the bonuses!
  • Alerts

    • Receipt Hog can remind you to snap receipts.
    • It also notifies you when your snapped receipts are verified.
  • Coins are cashed in the following ways:

    • Amazon gift card
    • Cash thru Paypal
    • Magazines (new)

What do we think?

Receipt Hog is the only app doing what it does…paying people to send their receipts. Pretty dope, and creative if you ask us! Scoutit made sure this app is easy to use, and understand. 100% Simple! Below is the review (in stars) for Receipt hog.

One more thing…

Scoutit’s other mobile app called “Shoparoo”  lets people raise money for school by snapping receipts as well. To get a look at shoparoo, click the link below. This will take you directly to the google play store.

Shoparoo (Google Play Store)

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