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Answering Survey Questions Part Time

Here is how and why…

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You’ve heard it before… “Answer this Survey and win $5000” .. “Complete this survey, and get your next meal FREE!“.  In many cases, you CAN be paid cash on a regular basis just by answering survey questions. Coming up with survey questions are a great way for a researcher, business owner, or even a corporation to get the information it needs to improve it’s current service or product.

When looking at this from a business standpoint, it makes sense. What better way to improve our business than to get the answers we need directly from the people we are getting to buy our products? 😀 It’s a no brainer. Now, if they could get these answers for FREE, they would. But the truth is IT IS HARD to get people to do SURVEYS! Especially for free. So, guess what? They pay for consumers to give them the dirty truth about what they think of this new product they are spending months engineering… and guess what? They pay YOU to tell them how much you think this new product sucks.. or how great it would be!

To make this more personal.. picture this… You are throwing a family reunion, and you do a survey. Only 15 of the 80 family members are answering your survey questions. So, if you add a small incentive , then maybe you’ll get full participation? This is exactly why businesses pay (in some form) to get people to fill out surveys questions. This helps their business, and the money (or free food) they give out is simply considered an investment in research.

So, What the heck is the point of Surveys?

It’s very easy to get started making money by answering survey questions, however it takes a lot of dedication in order to make a LOT of money doing it. It’s good to understand the purpose of doing these surveys in the FIRST place.


Ok, I understand. Where do I get started?

If you have never done an online survey, or a survey of any kind I suggest sticking with the BBB accredited survey sites such as Global Test Market, MySurvey, and SurveySavvy. For a little fun, I always throw in SwagBucks.

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