Before you try Swagbucks, here’s what you need to know

by SurveyJargon

Before you try Swagbucks check this out. Swagbucks is a really fun way to earn money, and there are no negatives to using it. That’s why we are always talking about it on our site SurveyJargon. However there are a few things that most people would want to know about it before getting a new account. Let’s jump in to them!

1. Swagbucks is for Everyone! But not if you're under 13.

Swagbucks has something for every type of individual. If you like to cook.. perfect.. There are plenty video channels and plenty of offers for you to earn money from. If you’re a handy man or woman same thing. Same goes for any life style you may have. Your experience can be tailored to your likes and interests.

To comply is COPPA laws, unfortunately, for those who are under 13 a swagbucks account is not allowed. For those who are 13 and older. Jump in!!

2.You can potentially make lots of money with Swagbucks

While we wouldn’t advise someone to quit their full time job, but the truth is that you can still make a good amount of supplemental income. The possibilities are even higher when you consider using their referral program.

3. You'll never run out of stuff to do on Swagbucks

If you’re one of those like me who has OCD looking to complete everything on the site, then you’ll be hugely disappointed. There will always be someway to earn money every single day. Before you try Swagbucks, realize It takes ALOT of effort to complete everything on the site every single day.

4. Swagbucks Has it's own version of .. Everything

As a member, you’ll notice Swagbucks has many partners but also has there own unique content.  Games and prizes, Live game show (mobile app), watch, videos, and even giftcards… I think you get the picture.

5. Don't take Swagbucks too Seriously... really!

The vibe that you should get from be that it’s a fun rewards site. A primary reason to use it is that it is filled with entertainment from videos, games, and surveys just to name a few. But a lot of people expect swagbucks to instantly be a job replacing money maker. It can be, but it takes effort from the user. So before you try Swagbucks, see it as entertainment first, then as a way to make money.

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