Swagbucks: 1 of the Best Beginner Site

by SurveyJargon

Why Swagbucks is the best Beginner Survey Site

We like variety in the sites we participate in, especially since surveys can get boring after a while. While swagbucks has a big survey section, they have more to choose from than just surveys making it the best beginner survey site available. Cash tasks, games, etc. Our favorite SB features is swag bucks TV. You watch videos for Swag bucks.Not a bad deal. Swag bucks are converted to real bucks, or you can use the swag bucks for gift cards and other prizes.

Swagbucks just released a SBTV app for iPhone/android. It works similar the desktop version however instead of getting points every 10 videos, you’ll receive to Every 5 videos you watch , you receive 2 swag bucks. To figure out how many swag bucks is equal to a dollar is very simple:

First figure out how many points are needed for the minimum cash out:

So for Swagbucks it’s a 50 dollars minimum;50 dollars being equal to 6250 swagbucks(points). You would divide 50 by 6250. 50/6250 = 0.008.

Take that 0.008, and multiply it by the number of points you have.

The result is the dollar amount that is currently in your account.

A picture of the splash page below:

So while you’re out and about… and bored , why not? Turn it on and let it play you videos. The Swagbucks TV app automatically goes straight to the next video without your intervention. So right now you can sit conveniently and watch videos and earn 2 swag bucks per 5 views.

Swagbucks made the number on on the best beginner sites also because of it’s new upgraded search feature. The search feature is fully integrated into your favorite web browser which makes it ridiculously easy; after so many search you’ll win any where from 7-11 Swag bucks… not a bad deal for nothing.

swagbucks search bar

Swag bucks integrated into regular Firefox search bar

After many searches, points accumulate to dollars! No wonder swagbucks is the best

Survey Jargon