BzzAgent…Where’s the money??!

by SurveyJargon

Today we’re talking about BzzAgent. Now before you get all excited and sign up for your account with BzzAgent there are a few important things you should know. And, they’re not necessarily bad. #1 You don’t really get paid …and #2 honestly BzzAgent should not really be considered a survey site.. but more of a product testing site.

The word they use (in place of ‘survey’) is ‘campaign‘. Campaigns are BzzAgent’s current products being tested by “BzzAgents “– you and other members of the site. Once you apply to a campaign and you are accepted..You’ll receive the product to test and then it’s up to you to advertise your result. The more you advertise (Facebook, BzzAgent posts etc) the more campaigns you will receive. This is the sole attraction to BzzAgent. A product would be sent to you by mail (free of charge), you would use the product, you will test that product, and then give your opinion on the product during the following the testing period…Here’s what some of the happy BzzAgents are saying…

…So where’s the money?

Well, the upside is that if you have a MyPoints account, you can link MyPoints to BzzAgent and you will receive points for participating in campaigns. The amount of points will vary. The fact that BzzAgent is doing this makes it a good boost for both BzzAgent and MyPoints. And besides …who doesnt like to receive free stuff??

Survey Jargon