Can you be ‘greedy’ doing paid surveys?

by SurveyJargon

It’s great having money. It’s required to live. It’s even better earning money from multiple sources. It’s awesome being able to take control of our financial lives. Some of us turn to online paid surveys as a way of doing this, and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately for many people, they can never seem to get enough money know matter how much they have. This is greed, and this post help shows the reader how this trait can creep into your survey taking and actually cause you to become inconsistent and lose money in the long run.

When greed is a problem doing paid surveys

Lets face it, not many people are going to do a large number of surveys without some kind of compensation. When we do surveys, we are being rewarded money that is used by companies to help them shape their future products for society.

Greed can make a person less patient when doing surveys. This can wind up putting a person in the mode of only doing surveys for money. When this happens this can take all the fun and purpose out of doing paid surveys and it will start to feel like a chore when doing them.

Solution: Keep it fun and purposeful!

If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, then the activity you’re doing will be torturous. If it helps, only do surveys that you feel will be enjoyable. There’s no rule saying you must do every survey that pops up. Do the fun ones!


Survey Jargon