Cash Fiesta…Biggest Scam, and Don’t Pay

by SurveyJargon

Cash Fiesta…Biggest Scam? And Don’t Pay you??

And they’ve been scamming you since the 90’s!

OK..I first came across Cash Fiesta back in the mid 90’s.. say 1995-96, somewhere in there. Back when I was about 14.. needed money, but too young for a real job. This was when I

Cash Fiesta Scam

Cash Fiesta Scam

really DID believe everything I heard and once I heard about Cash Fiesta, a site that supposedly pays people for having a desktop bar running on your computer all day, I signed up without thought. “You will make thousands of dollars!” they said.  I made thousands of attempts, and got thousands of squat. Watch the below video and listen how crazy he sounds first… He’ll tell you exactly what IS suppose to happen; making money easily with your computer. But what really happens? You get a slower computer.

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What it’s SUPPOSED to do:

It is supposed to be a very simple way to make money..I’m not even going to waste time going thru the steps, but to make a long story short, you download and install this fiestabar from the website once you sign up for an account, and run that sob…all day long. Now, in order to make big bucks you complete extra offers, and get referrals. Sounds to good to be true.

What it really does:

It doesn’t work.. maybe for a small few, but Nah… find something else to slow up your computer. Oh yeah, and did we fail to mention this whole thing seems a bit racist? Just an observation. 😀

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BoyCott Cash Fiesta?

Cash Fiesta has been runnin’ some serious game on people for decades. Even though you aren’t spending any money, THEY are making a killing, and you are losing time. If you do want to use Cash Fiesta, make it worth your time and help expose them for who they are. I have tried this site on two different occasions (the second time , to give it another try), and got the same results. I could boycott Cash Fiesta, but these guys are so low, I don’t even want to waste more time with these guys.

What’s a better option to Cash Fiesta?

Even though Cash Fiesta is the worst SCAM on the internet, there are sites that takes the idea of paying people to search the internet, play games, and do surveys and really are successful with it. One site in particular is Sign up for a free Swagbucks account with the referral link below:

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See where Cash Fiesta ranks on the “5 Good looking, but horrible Sites” post!

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