CashCrate Blog: Dwolla a new ‘Get paid’

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Cash Crate on Dwolla!The new “Get Paid”

March 13, 2013
Dwolla Featured on CNN and Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30: CashCrate is Proud to Partner with Dwolla.

CashCrate is proud to be the first make money site to partner with Dwolla. It’s an exciting time for Dwolla as they continue to grow and gain momentum.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

We’re also thrilled to offer our members electronic payments through Dwolla at much lower fees than other payment networks. Dwolla allows all USA members to get paid on the 1st, instead of many members having to wait for a check near the end of the month.

See the great things other CashCrate Members are saying about Dwolla Payments:


I Got Paid Earlier Through Dwolla! It’s Safe, Fast, and Easy!

Dwolla was recently featured on both CNN Money and in Inc. Magazine:

“Wherever you are in the world, who ever you are, you can get instant access to your cash and send it to anybody else. You can receive it at an exceptionally low cost.”

Dwolla is 25 cents a transaction regardless of the size, unless it’s under $10 in which case its free.”

Milne goes on to discuss the ability to send money through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, to any phone number, to any shop that’s connected to Dwolla, to an email address, essentially to anyone. Landlords can use Dwolla to allow tenants to pay rent, you could use Dwolla to buy coffee at a coffee shop, pay someone back, use it to split a check.

You can also use your phone to send money and pay for different items.

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