CashCrate Partnered with Swagbucks? Eh..

by SurveyJargon

Losing CashCrate in 2019? We’ve always had love for Cash Crate but we can’t really say we’re totally surprised.

CashCrate has been around for a good while , and for the most part has been a better than average company to do surveys, and tasks to earn a little extra money a month, but over the past several years there have been things they’ve done that made me look at them a little sideways. Feelings of love and hate at the same time.

Below I’m gonna go over several things that CashCrate did really well, along with some of the things they did that may clear up to the reader why on earth they needed to partner up with Swagbucks. Or a better question.. why did Swagbucks partner up with CashCrate?

What we'll miss about CashCrate

CashCrate had awesome features on the site. There was a tier system where the more loyal and active (profitable) users would be ranked based on their profits and engagement with the site. This was a really cool idea, and it was done awesomely which has not been done on any other related websites…heck .. even Swagbucks didn’t have that idea.

Next, they had paid searches which back in 2012 or so , you’d get paid a dime for 10 searches a day. Pretty cool. Also they had a very awesome referral program at one point, which really opened up some opportunities for users to bring in more users to the site and make extra profit at the same time. They had personalized banners and links easily available for users to display on their web sites, social media etc.  They also had a variety of ways to be paid, including Dwolla, Paypal, and paper check. Which was really cool.

So … this great web site had all of this greatness going on.. so what happened?

What probably killed CashCrate

Swagbucks is one of them but I’ll get to that in a second. Cash Crate was simply unreliable and I feel they were probably trying to do more than they could handle. I remember a while back my participation was consistent and I always felt excited to log into my account to see what activities were available to complete. Many times I’d log in and find some of these activities no longer available with little to no notice from CashCrate.

The paid search feature was basically killed off from the site because it was being ‘abused’.. . The email sound kind of fishy.Their safegaurds made it almost impossible to earn one cent per day. So it quickly became a complete waste of time to try and use the search feature. A great feature killed overnight.

Next, was their referral program. They had a multi-level referral system which was outstanding. I believe it went to the 2nd or 3rd level of referrals. One day suddenly that was killed from the site in order for CashCrate to comply with some sort of regulations… Well there are several more successful companies that have been doing indirect referrals like survey savvy.

Along, with that there were other frustrations I’ve experienced with CashCrate that I can’t remember, but those are a few reasons why I’ve reduced my participation in CashCrate. I can’t speak for others, but I’m just putting those reasons on the table.

So this partner with Swagbucks?

I haven’t heard anything from Swagbucks about a partnership with CashCrate, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. The inconsistency and unreliability of CashCrate over the past few years and possible loss of money would be more of a company buyout similar to what happened with Mypoints some years back.

Swagbucks on the contrary has been consistent for years and has never created restrictions on users out of the blue. Never has been done.

Conclusion…If it’s true that Swagbucks and CashCrate are partnered then I’m not sure how that benefit Swagbucks other than making them just a little bit bigger of a company. But we shall see.

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