CashFiesta .. another worthless website?

by SurveyJargon

We all think having a little extra money is a good thing, but no one should need to resort to Cashfiesta. The website that promises to pay users for just letting a piece of software run all day. It would be a good program if this were a truthful program. This site has failed to deliver promises to many many users for over 10 years!

I am one of those users, however I went in knowing the reputation of this website. I just wanted to see if I would receive a check by following the instructions to the T. I received points by using the fiesta bar on my windows computer. I let it run. If I wanted to increase my earnings, I would go to the offers section and complete up to six offers. 6 offers maximizes your earning potential for that month…riiiight, Well, it looked good until that first paycheck.

When it came close to getting paid. I received an email basically saying I cheated to increase my earnings, but since I completed offers, I can remain a member. Sounds fishy? I think so. I don’t know how they’ve been around for so long because they don’t do good business.

Cashfiesta is one of the only sites left of it’s kind. the pay to surf site. Again it would be cool , it they delivered what they promised on there website.

So all I got from Cashfiesta was a slower computer and a waste of time.Try this one at your own risk.

Cashfiesta offers

Cash Fiesta offers

Survey Jargon