Earn $100 for 4 active referrals with Paid ViewPoint

by SurveyJargon

Earn $100 for 4 active referrals with Paid ViewPoint

That’s right! $100 for 4 members you refer to Paid view point. Now with that said , it sounds easy and it is, but here’s thePaid Viewpoint catch. The referrals must be genuine participants in order for you to collect your $25 per referral. It works.

Here’s how it works:

You must be an active user of Paid ViewPoint you’re self, meaning you at least sign in once and a while. If not you’re account will be shut off after a year or so of inactivity. Once you log into your account you will need to navigate to the referral section where it will have your referral link available to you. Mine looks like:


They give you the option of customizing your link ( for whatever reason). Place your link in legal places such as your blog, facebook page, or in certain forums. Make sure you research where your referral links are allowed, because if not the links will just be deleted.


Survey Jargon