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For anyone who is very familiar with the business of paid survey research, you know that not all survey sites are created equal. Many of these sites are just simply a pain in the butt to get anything out of, while there are others that are not so bad. Here we list and discuss a few of the easiest survey sites to make money with online.

5. You Gov

You Gov is a very easy site to make money with however the pay is not  as high as some of the other sites listed on our site.  If you love to have a voice in a lot of our nation’s and worlds political agendas then I highly doubt you wouldn’t mind receiving a little extra money for doing just that. Of all of the surveys I have done with You Gov , I have never been disqualified. Just keep in mind , just with anything political , there are a lot of touchy subjects depending on how you see the world.


4. Paid View Point

This is a great one because it’s biggest attraction is the fact that there is no such thing as disqualification on this site. That’s their thing. If you are doing surveys on their website you are guaranteed to make some money. The pay is little unless you’re getting a lot of Biz surveys, but that is not hard to do if you are a daily user. This is one of the easiest survey sites online to date.

It’s true, you can be paid to surf the internet, Try Swag bucks!

3. Survey Savvy

As I stated before and many many more times, Survey Savvy is a site that has held one of the best reputations for years, and will continue to hold. They are a BBB accredited paid research company and has a lot to do with it’s ease of operation, and vice versa.

2.Global Test Market

The list gets better as we get closer to number 1. Global Test Market constantly sends out email invitations, and the surveys are usually pretty fair. With it being a BBB accredited company, it’s no wonder they rank fairly high every time.  I’ve heard some people talk crap about Global Test Market, but they just didn’t seem like they knew much about online surveys, or much in general (about life) for that matter. :)Definitely one of the best and easiest survey sites.

1. MySurvey

Easiest Survey Sites: My Survey

My Survey: Easiest Survey Sites to Earn Money Online

And lastly, our heavy weight champion MySurvey. Great survey opportunities, and by far one of the easiest sites online today. If you hear anyone talking crap about MS, then they are either just not a fan of online surveys in general, or they just need a swift slap in the face.

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