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If you are a regular user of Global Test Market research, you’ll eventually receive an email that will invite you to become a member of Global Test Market Connect. An additional way to earn cash!
By joining GlobalTestMarket Connect you can collect extra MarketPoints in the first year in addition to the points you regularly earn for participating in our surveys. MEMBERSHIP ADVANTAGES 

  • 100 MarketPoints for the installation
  • 10 MarketPoints per month
  • 20 MarketPoints every six months
  • Pre-qualification for further surveys
  • Redeem your MarketPoints for appealing rewards
  • Make a difference – influence future products and services

By becoming a GlobalTestMarket Connect member you will help leading brands you encounter every day improve their online marketing and services based on insights from the online behaviors shared by you and many other GlobalTestMarket Connect members like you. Sharing your opinions and experience will influence decisions that will affect you and millions of other consumers!

You will need to download and install a free application called Consumer Input which runs in the background of your browser. The application captures your internet behavior as described in our Privacy Policy.

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