Watch out for the “Grid Survey”

by SurveyJargon

Watch out for The “Grid Survey”

Here’s Right Way to handle it

There’s no one that fears a grid survey more than we do. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Grid Survey” then

Grid Survey

Grid Survey

just look to your right. This is a Grid Survey. The effort required to fill out a grid survey may vary. Some are very short, sweet, and can be completed in no time. Others can be long, difficult, with many answers, and even be on many, many pages. These long, difficult surveys are very discouraging.

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What we want is for the survey to be over fast so we can get paid. So many of us will rush thru these questions, that we fail to read them. Then the worst thing that can happen in a  survey is that you get disqulified.  You get the “We’re sorry but we’ve reached our quota” message.

Below is a couple tips on how to complete a grid survey most successfully.

Answer a Grid survey Correctly

Reasons you may find ourselves repeatedly being booted during grids, is because maybe we’re going to fast. The best way to handle a grid is to obviously take your time, and read each question, because there are several things happening when we rush.

A) When we rush thru  a grid survey:

You have a high chance on missing, or answering questions with contradictory information. Survey companies can’t use lies, or bad information so we must be consistent, and read the questions.

B) Trick Questions

A grid survey may be loaded with trick questions to ensure your are actually reading the questions and following directions. If you are doing a survey, and all of a sudden you run into a question that says:

“Click on option 3”

“Click on ‘Yellow'”

“Have you ever been to the moon? (yes) or (no)”

If we are reading the questions properly, our common sense tells us to choose the obvious answer. In case number 1, I will choose “3”. In case 2, I’ll choose “Yellow”. In case 3, I will definitely choose “NO”.

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