How do I get Cash from Cash Crate?

by SurveyJargon

How do I get Cash from Cash Crate?

A common question from many users is “How do I get cash for doing practically nothing?” And a good answer is “you don’t”. However there are easy ways to make money. Some users have complained that they want to see more from cash crate , but we want to talk about how to maximize your efforts in some of the current ways to get that account overflowing with free cash.

It’s no doubt that surveys can potentially earn you lots of cash over time, but cash crate is primarily a “get paid to” site more than a paid survey site (even though it has three survey sections)

Cash Tasks

Cash Tasks is powered by CrowdFlower which is a company that provides enterprise solutions to many 20130405-221818.jpgcompanies such as AT&T, EBay, and Microsoft. Crowdflower takes very large complicated projects and distributes it throughout a virtual workforce. This virtual workforce is either small businesses or individual users such as yourself. The amount crowdflower pays for the work is also distributed.

Cash tasks a great way to earn extra money …especially if you are good at it. But let’s keep it real, if you are not a fast typer, or computer user then you will need to learn in order to be any good at these cash tasks. When starting out you will be offered very low paying tasks, usually 2-5 cents per page (some up to a quarter). As you complete these offers you will eventually receive higher paying jobs. The jobs will usually want to see how easy certain information is found online, or looking for pictures, or even writing posts.

Doing cash tasks is a good way build your computer skills over time which can help you make money in surveys, tasks, blogging, and even in other areas of expertise. Look for the good in everything and give Cash Crate cash tasks a chance.

Completing Offers

Another great way to earn cash is to complete offers. Just a warning before you jump right into it…there are a ton of 100% free offers but there are many offers that require a payment of services. Usually, the more you pay , the more you would receive in reward.

3 Survey Sections

With 3 survey sections…more than any other survey site.

Bonus Videos


Outstanding Cash Crate Search

Earn up to a dime per day by performing your daily searches on CashCrate. Search results shows you several search related ads just before listing your actual search results. Those ads are the reason you are being paid to use the search. Regardless the reason, it’s still cool to be paid to do things your going to be doing anyways. Get your account opened today and start your new flow of cash rewards and register with Cash Crate today!

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