Bored of Surveys? Try most entertaining earnings sites!

by SurveyJargon

There are different ways to make some money from home on online and it doesn’t always need to surveys or boring. We have a list of the most entertaining websites.

From least entertaining to most entertaining of eight selected websites:

8. Pure Profile Pure Profile is one of those survey sites where you don’t receive a ton of survey invites but when you do, these are some of the most enjoyable surveys.

7. Paid View Point – Paid View point ranks is on the list because of one of it’s main features. Keeping consistent answers will affect your trait points, which eventually will affect your payout. All surveys are short and sweet.You can never be screened out!

6. YouGov— YouGov offers a very user interactive website.

5.Cash Crate–Similar to swag bucks but not on the same level. While surveys are its primary attraction, other features such as search, offers, check-in, tasks, and games.

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4. MyPoints — coming in at 4th. MyPoints is very entertaining and has many partnerships which makes it a great site to use.

3. Swag bucks— Swag bucks is the definition of a fun site to earn money and prizes from. Many different ways to earn points…from search, offers, games, and videos, swag bucks makes it hard to beat!

2. Inbox Dollars— Inbox dollars is a very entertaining survey site mainly because of its partnership with world winner. There are many casual games available in which you can win cash from. Have fun and get paid, ain’t nothing wrong with that now is it?

1. Toluna — with us we feel Toluna is the most entertaining site available on the web. It has a face book feel , and it is very user interactive. Many surveys are user-generated however many surveys do not pay. You have to seek out the sponsored surveys to collect points. Definitely the most entertaining paid survey site on the web!

Survey Jargon