No brainer…What not to do during a paid survey

by SurveyJargon

3 things of what not to do during a survey

I don’t know about you guys, but I love fast, easy cash with no real thought having to be used. Where money just pours into your Paypal account with out more than a few clicks to get it started. Making money from home would never be easier. We all know that already sounds too good to be true, and that same idea applies to paid surveys.

Making money from home via paid surveys isn’t THAT easy, but its definitely far from hard. Just a little patience and attention will get you pretty far. .. and that also applies to paid surveys. When doing paid surveys there are several things we should never deviate if we want to keep that money coming “fast and easy”.

Here’s some crucial things for you to NOT do during a paid survey:

1. Rushing: Paid surveys have timers built into them to make sure users are giving well thought out answers. By rushing, it flags you as a potential threat to valid data collection which defeats the whole purpose to the surveys. Also, there are those they like to look for “professional survey takers” that they look for. You will most likely be screened out. It’s unfortunate for survey takers who are extremely efficient with web forms and fast thinking. These people will need to slow it down some because it will flag them as invalid survey takers. Sorry y’all :(.

2. Inconsistent answers: For survey takers who don’t have very long attention spans like myself, inconsistent answers can become an issue. Many surveys are designed to track to see if your answers contradict later in the survey. If you aren’t paying attention to your answers, and you screw up too many times , you can be booted from the survey. Just be sure to pay attention, and keep track of your answers in every part of the survey.

3.Not having enough time: When going into a brand new survey, it’s good to have enough time available to complete the entire survey. While some surveys allow you to stop and continue at a later time, do not assume this will always be the case. Surveys that allow interruptions will announce that usually at the beginning of the survey. Make sure to have enough time to complete an entire survey unless it says interruptions are allowed.

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