Paid survey conversion rates.. how much are you really making?

by SurveyJargon

Paid Survey Conversion Rates

It’s not hard to find out how much you will be paid from surveys on sites that reward you with points instead of dollars. Or sometimes you just want to know how much your current points are worth in dollars. It’s very simple 5th grade conversions that’s needed to help you keep track of how much you need to get paid. knowing the conversion rates just makes things easier.

Here are the conversion rates for all the sites that reward points instead of real dollars The conversion rate X the amount of points you have in your account is the amount you would be paid in real dollars:

Global Test Market — 0.043 per 1 point —( $10 cash out)

Toluna — 0.00033 per 1 point —($20 cash out)

Swagbucks0.008 per 1 point —($50 cash out)

ACOP0.01 per 1 point —($50 cash out)

E-Poll0.00143 per 1 point –($10 cash out)

Opinion Outpost– 0.1 per 1 point— ($10 cash out)

Ipsos- Isay — 0.001 per 1 point —($10 cash out)

Survey Spot — 0.01 per 1 point— ($10 cash out)

MyPoints — 0.00543 per 1 point

YouGov0.001 per 1 point— ($50, $100 cash out)

Opinion World — 0.01 per 1 point

MySurvey — 0.0091 per 1 point

Ipsos ISay — 0.01 per 1 point— ($10 cash out)

Gratis Points — 0.01 per 1 point

Tellwut 0.0025 per 1 point

Our Paid Survey Tracker Software

Paid survey tracker

Conversions are great, but why not let your computer do the work for you? Download our SJ excel spreadsheet. With this tracker you can add paid survey sites track income. For the point based websites be sure to plug-in the above value for the corresponding site. The sheet also keeps the totals made from both dollar sites, and point sites. Being lazy is being smart at times.

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