Paid surveys…pointless

by SurveyJargon

What makes paid surveys NOT worth your time?

If  you have the time and willpower to attempt each paid survey offer that comes to your email box then you will eventually end up having to do some kind of management. At first many may feel the desire to attempt each survey, but doing this will quickly become daunting.

Each survey doesn’t need to be attempted because the emails and offers will continue to pile up whether you take action or not…do trust that.

If you have limited time, like many people who either have a job or other activities that requires lots of time, you will need to come up with a management system of your own.

Incoming survey offers can be managed in a few different ways. For instance, you can prioritize by first attempting surveys from favorite survey sites first…or you can prioritize starting with first attempting the highest paying surveys available down to the lower paying, or by time length. It doesn’t matter , but some kind of organization is needed or you’re going to end up wanting to put your first thru your computer monitor.

All surveys has some merit behind them…you just have to determine if you

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Worth it? You Bet!

Here’s a few ways you can prioritize your surveys:

1. By the time amount – Longer surveys usually pay more, but busier people may find shorter surveys easier to fit into their schedule.

2. By payment amount -Attempting the highest amount surveys first will give you the potential of much higher earnings. Attempting the lower amounts insures you a higher qualification rate, also better for employee individuals.

3. By survey site – Some survey takers may have a favorite website that they’ve gotten used to. It’s nothing wrong with completing offers at one site and then going to the next.

4. By which sites have referral programs – site with referral programs have higher earning potentials. It’s nothing wrong with seeking out referrals.

5. By entertainment level – surveys are supposed to be boring, but they can be at times. Participation in more entertaining websites such as swagbucks, Cash Crate, and Inbox Dollars will pass your time by more quickly, but usually earn much less.

6. By reward type – Some survey takers are content with prizes, and gift cards while others are looking for that cash…seek out credible sites that pay with cash if that’s what you’re looking for.

7. Reward amount/time ratio -when a survey feels like its taking too long for the amount you are being offered, chances are that it is. Check out what Thatsurveymonster’s time to survey ratio is for each survey site …coming soon.

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