Old paid survey accounts…don’t shut ’em down!

by SurveyJargon

old paid survey sites…thinking about shutting them down?…stop while your ahead!

When you start using a large number of paid survey sites you will discover that you may end up using some survey sites more than others. The sites that you start using less will cause you to believe that you no longer need to keep the accounts. Whatever you do, keep those accounts open.

There will be plenty of times your favorite paid survey sites will either have temporarily run out of surveys, down for maintenance or whatever…by keeping your accounts open you establish an even flow of work for yourself. Keeping an even flow of good to have continuous work coming thru.

Secondly, if you have any referrals then you definitely should keep these accounts open. You never know when your referrals will start referring others. If you delete these accounts too soon, you will lose out on a lot of residual income.

Survey Jargon