Paid ViewPoint Review 2013

by SurveyJargon

New site review: Paid ViewPoint!

Paid View Point is operated by Aytm (ask your target market). Paid Viewpoint is the market research survey site built upon 4 principles ( is paid for every completed market research survey, 2. You’re never screened out once you’ve been invited into a survey. 3. “boring” has been sucked out of the survey answering experience. And 4. Privacy – They will never ask you to register your real name or complete physical address.) ”

Below is a brief review on Paid Viewpoint on 8 aspects the website. Those aspects are invitation rate, qualification rate, ease of use, design, payment, social media integration, referral program, and additional comments. So let’s get started.

–Survey invite rate– Paid View Point’s invitation rate is high. About 1 per day if you are completing them daily. Slightly higher than average, but the pay is lower. The good thing about Paid viewpoint is that there are no such thing as screen outs, so you won’t have the disappointment of being disqualified which brings us to the next aspect…Qualification Rate.

—-Qualification Rate–

The qualification rate is 100 percent! Paid viewpoint does not screen out participants on surveys they were invited to.

—-Ease of site use–

Paid viewpoint uses a “dock bar” style menu that organizes your earnings, prediction match (we talk about this below), referrals, demographics, and settings. You will receive surveys via email, and once logged in, your surveys will be available via pop up notification as you can see in the below picture. It shows I have 1 survey I need to do.

—-Site Design–

OUTSTANDING.. Paid View point uses a completely different site design than most survey sites that seem “boring”. Uses a darker, but more exciting themed template and works seamlessly for how it is designed to work. The surveys are short (no more than 5 minutes). Even though survey sites are supposed to primarily be about sharing opinions to help better company services and products, as well as to make some money for yourself; it’s also nice to have an aesthetically pleasing website to work on. Two big thumbs up!

—-Payment period/methods–

Payouts are upon reaching $15 and paid via Paypal.. so if you don’t have a paypal..get one :). Prediction Match is separate from Paid viewpoint and so is the money in those accounts. Prediction Match does not have minimum cash outs.

—-Social website integration–

You can use Face book to log into Paid viewpoint only, not much else to it. But the prediction match portion of Paid viewpoint requires the use of Face book. Face book makes up most of what it needs to function. Prediction match uses your Face book account to keep track of your progress and contests. Additionally, by inviting your friends via Face book to prediction match contests, you will collect funds from what your friends earned from contests as well ($5). Referrals go up to the 2nd level in which you’d earn ($2). All social websites can be used with paid view point to invite friends to sign up to paid view point…which brings us to the next aspect…referrals.

—-Referral program–

It has a spectacular referral program! You can invite by means of referral links, email, and social media (IE. Face book, twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn, Hotmail). You can earn up to 25 dollars per invite.

—-Additional Comments–

Paid viewpoint is definitely one of a kind, and I’m glad a company such as Aytm decided to go about the survey business in such an “outside of box” way. Definitely, one of the best we’ve seen. A TSM Favorite! Also see are pages at: Downloads! Reveiws! Glossary!

Survey Jargon