Paid Viewpoint tricks of the trade

by SurveyJargon

Paid Viewpoint is a very unique and interesting paid survey site. It is one of the best, as it is rated highly by most survey takers online. Reasons for this is that it has unique website design, and very easy surveys. Other reasons is because of it’s unique survey taking strategy.. Being truthful to earn 9000 trust points. Because Paid Viewpoint has this interesting and unique method, there are some Paid Viewpoint tricks that each member should consider if they haven’t already.

Paid Viewpoint Tricks we should know about

The big thing about Paid Viewpoint is this thing they call a “TrustScore” which is a patented feature of the site. What this TrustScore does is assess the candor and consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics.(1)In other words , do your best to be honest in each survey you do. When getting started you will likely have more “Trait surveys” than market surveys. These trait surveys are mainly to help companies learn who you are as consumer. Answer these trait surveys truthfully because Paid Viewpoint keeps track of you!

You will receive market surveys but once you reach 9000 trait score points , then you will be given more market surveys which pay a lot more than the trait surveys. So if you’re already familiar with Paid Viewpoint, you may be asking if it is possible to speed up or increase the amount of Trust score points. The answer is yes, and in order to do this you must consider the following:

Telling the Truth in trait surveys...

Will always keep you supplied with good surveys. If you think that you could get more surveys by pretending to have kids when you don’t, or pretending to be a “CFO of a company” in order to get access to more surveys then what usually happens is sooner or later you may become inconsistent in your trait surveys. Unless you keep track of your answers you will likely lose out on survey opportunities in the future.

Log in Daily

I Nearly everyday there will be at least a trait survey available for you to do. Do as many of them as you can, and a good way to do this is to set a time each day to log in and do at least 1 survey a day.

Don't pass up surveys

On Paid Viewpoint….DO ALL THE SURVEYS YOU CAN. These are very rewarding surveys.. Easy to do .. and why not! Don’t be fooled by surveys that don’t have payout amount.. Sometimes these have surprise monster payouts!



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