The problem with paid surveys…

by SurveyJargon

The problems of paid surveys

Sadly, many people don’t consider participating in paid surveys for some pretty bad reasons. The first and most common reason is that a lot of them associate surveys with scams in which legitimate survey sites are the furthest thing from.

The purpose of surveys are to gather consumer information about current products, and services … and how to make them better. Survey companies are allotted money for the specific purpose of getting acquiring needed data for the improvement of there products and services. At many times we pay for information, and data ourselves so you can imagine the budgets of these manufactures.

With that said there are scam sites. Be sure to either do your research on each company before investing your time because these site WILL NOT PAY YOU and it can kill your desire for future participation in surveys. View our top 8 survey sites of 2013 and also view Survey police’s article on what to look for in pseudo survey sites. A very good read.

Another reason is that people look at the amounts per survey …After they realized they won’t qualify for every survey and soon lose patience. It can be quite discouraging once you realize this, but if you want to make earning an income from surveys a reality then get used to knowing you won’t earn from every survey you come across. Once you’ve built up your patience your income WILL increase.

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