Really?…making money from Surveys?

by SurveyJargon

Can I REALLY make GOOD money from surveys?

Hmm… Can I make good money from surveys?The realistic answer is yes AND no… and here’s why. For an example, let’s take two people…person A, and person B.



Can you really make money from surveys? It depends on you.

A is an angry biased person. He is against online surveys and is not too convinced that you can make much money from them, however he still decides to try them out to most likely reconfirm his feelings about them. He gives a very weak attempt at it, fails at a few surveys, gives up, and then tells everyone he knows that they are all scams, and if you do make any money from them it’s not worth the time. This is the same as a woman, or man that has been cheated on in a relationship, and decides to call all men dogs, or all women are whores. Do you want this to be you?

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Person A is now distraught because he failed a few surveys. He has been cheated on in this relationship he feels. Person A is now looking a little insecure and now sucks as a person.. just a little bit wouldn’t you say? 😉

Person B on the other hand, is curious and wants to try anything for the first time. He wants to see for himself if it’s any worth to doing online surveys. Person B realizes that online surveys are an opportunity to make some money, even if it’s not going to make him rich. He enjoys it, and tells people who are interested in doing the same thing the truth about them. Person B is now pulling in some considerable amounts of money, and Person A is hatin’ with his insecure @$$. 😕

Online Surveys takes work , and they are not cut out for every one. If running a business were easy, everyone would be doing it. If the military was cut out for everyone, then everyone would join. The fact of the matter is that online surveys aren’t for everyone and they mamas like they are sometimes advertised.

I will blog more on this subject in the future, for internet users who are interested in getting their feet wet with a few surveys look around online for reviews on survey sites and see which one suits you best. For newbies, I find that Swagbucks is a fun way to earn money online doing many different things besides just surveys.

Survey Jargon