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by SurveyJargon surveys? Who are they?

I have found that a LOT of survey takers complain that they are not able to complete very many surveys. It’s not a secret that is one of the most dreaded survey companies that ever plagued the internet. never seems to qualify participants on their online surveys. Lets take a look  into who is, because there really isn’t much literature on them.

Who’s “”?

Try Swagbucks instead of Samplicio.US surveys! surveys are frequently seen on portions of certain survey websites. surveys normally have daily invites available only to participants in the US. They are very notorious for disqualifying participants too frequently, or waiting too long to screen out a participant (with no fault of the participant).

  • For example.. you’re 50-60 percent…or 90 percent thru a 45 minute survey, and get disqualified for no apparent reason.. it makes it very discouraging for participants. 

We hope they get their stuff together because has enough offers online to become an annoyance.

And yeah, we know that it’s normal to get disqualified… But Samplicio is overboard.


Try Swagbucks instead of Samplicio.US surveys!


What should you do when you get Surveys?

I’m just gonna be honest…I would suggest being very cautious even though they are legitimate survey offers. And to be completely honest, I don’t even do surveys any more (years since I have), I advise readers to steer clear of  their survey invitations until we have proof of improvement.

Are there other options?

Don’t be discouraged with online surveys altogether. There are MANY survey offers that are NOT Samplicio, and they pay very well if you are consistent. (Read 5 Tools and Tips to Improve Consistency)

There are many sites that do not even have surveys on the site. In fact, there are many sites out there that do not DISQUALIFY participants at all.

Try Swagbucks instead of Samplicio.US surveys!

Survey sites that do not disqualify Participants

If you would like to participate in surveys that you will never ever be screen out of, then we have a two of recommendations for you:

Paid Viewpoint – Very quick but interesting surveys. You will never be disqualified, but the pay is a little low until you’ve been a member of the site for a while.

YouGov is also a Survey Site you will never be Disqualified from!

title551189102YouGov – These are a little longer political based surveys that will pay at least 50 cents per survey. You will not be disqualified for very many surveys at YouGov. Again these are two additional options to surveys. Good luck, and keep positive!

Survey Savvy – This site has a great reputation. You can potentially make quite a bit of money from Survey Savvy. The likeliness of running into a samplicio survey is slim to none.

Want to take a break from Surveys and still earn?


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