“Shopper’s Discount” on my BANK STATEMENT?!

by SurveyJargon

Shopper’s Discount? What the H3ll?

What’s this Shopper’s Discount stuff on my Bank Statement?


Ok..one day , you’re looking at you’re bank statement, and damn.. you see a charge for $12.00 that says “Shopper’s Discount”.

Losing money

Shopper’s Discounts can cost you money!

WTH, you’re losing money, and from what?? A “shopper’s discount”?  What does that mean???! “Let me call the bank and get this cleared”, you say. 😕

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So, you call the bank, and they tell you that it is an authorized transaction from something you maybe clicked on a few months ago, an offer of some kind… and you think to your self. hmm.. I did make a drugstore.com purchase a few months ago , and there was an offer to save money on my next purchase I wonder if that’s it?

You confirm that it was one of those very sneaky offers that are used by many companies to earn extra revenue from advertisements. While it’s not a scam, you have to read the fine print. Below are a few steps to prevent future money leaving your account.

How to stop these “Shopper’s Discounts” debits

1.Dispute the Charges

If the transaction is unauthorized, call your bank. You should be able to dispute them. If these ARE authorized , the move on to step 2.

2. Call the bank

When you call the bank. They should be able to tell you how to get in contact with the company making the debits.

3. Call the Company

The company should be able to tell you how got in this mess in the first place, and should be able to cancel the recurring payments.

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You Might want to keep “Shopper’s Discounts”

The service might be something you are interested in keeping once you are educated on what you are paying for. If so, then do nothing. It might actually be beneficial to keep it.

Survey Jargon