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Great alts to

And earn in the process is a leading online coupon website that allows users to find great money saving coupons for local stores and online merchants.

By using smartsource coupons you are able to find great deals at local stores and restaurants by easily finding applicable coupons that can be printed , or used online. also uses online coupon codes, which is an extremely valuable tool. Smartsource and are great picks, but if you are really into saving as much money as you possibly can, I have to inform you that there are additional websites that gives you more ways to use online coupons EASIER, and faster than smartsource coupons or in certain ways. These websites also pay you money for using the coupons FROM their sites.


Swagbucks is a great alternative to in that it allows you to access online coupons in a similar manner. The difference between the two is that Swagbucks is a much more functional website so it is much easier to navigate.

Lastly, Swagbucks also keeps track of your history and usage so that is another plus. It feels good to see all of your savings and EARNINGS from just using coupons as normal.

While Smartsource still may offer coupons that swagbucks may not offer , it would be wise to continue using it unless your preference has changed.

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