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Survey Jargon’s Survey Site Rankings

See if your favorite survey site adds up…or not.


Of all of the survey sites online, we still don’t have every single one on this list yet! It’s so hard to keep up. This is a list of all of the top survey sites online to date. As new sites continue to pop up, we will update the list accordingly. Enjoy! Please comment below!

Note: Disqual rate means how likely you will be “kicked out” of a survey when compared with the average survey site!

Site Name  Cash? Referrals? Disqual Rate    Rating!
Global Test Market Yes! Yes! Average C5
YouGov Yes! Yes! very Low! C5
Survey Savvy Yes! Yes! LowAverage C5
Fusion Cash Yes! Yes! High C5
Paid ViewPoint Yes! Yes! None C5
Swagbucks Yes! Yes! AverageHigh C5
Toluna Yes! Yes! Average C5
Vindale Research Yes! Yes! Average C5
Springboard America Yes! Yes! Very Low  C5
ACOP Yes! No Low C5
i. think Yes! No High C5
AIP Online Yes! No Average C5
Pure Profile Yes! No Low C5
Palm Research Yes! Yes! High C4
GratisPoints Yes! No High C4
Opinion Place Yes! Yes! High C4
E-Poll Yes! Yes! Very Low C4
Opinion Outpost Yes! No Average C4
Inbox Dollars Yes! Yes! Average C4
Inspired Opinions Yes! Yes! Average C4
Ipoll Yes! No Average C4
Mint Vine Yes! Yes! Average C4
Opinion World Yes! No Average C4
I-Say Yes! Yes! Average C4
Pine Cone Research Yes! No Low C4
Dollar Surveys Yes! No Average C4
Valued Opinions No Yes! LowAverage C3
Survey Spot Yes! No High C3
Web Perspectives No Yes! Average C3
MyPoints No Yes! AverageHigh C3
Boom Box Surveys Yes! Yes! High C3
MyView No No High C3
CVS Advisor Panel No No Low C3
20/20 Research No Yes! High C2
BzzAgent No No High C2
Tellwut No No High C2
Treasure Trooper No Yes! Average C2
E-Rewards No No Average C2
ConsumerVillage No No High C2
MySoapBox No Yes! AverageHigh C2
NPDOR No No Average C2
Hotspex No Yes! High C1
Opinion Square No Yes! High C1
Testspin No No High C1
Rewards TV No Yes! High C1
Univox Yes! No High C1
On go No Yes! High C1
Survey junkie No Yes! High C1
InboxPays Yes! Yes! High C1
5 in 5 Yes! Yes! High C1

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