5 Greatest looking Online Survey Ripoffs

by SurveyJargon

5 Good looking, but horrible Sites

Don’t let the good looks fool you!

We don’t normally like to do posts that bash survey sites, but every once and a while we just can’t help it. Keep in mind that I have been doing surveys and GPT sites for a while, so I know what’s really good, and what are really good ripoffs. There are sites that keeps the user coming back for more; as the site is fun, easy to use, worry free, while others are only nice to look at while it’s filled with many functional issues, shady business and a number of other concerns for the user; and many are just flat out ripping you off of your time. Below I will list the top 5 deceptively horrible survey sites I believe exists online.

#5 Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a respectable GPT site, and it does have many ways to earn money online including surveys, however while they do have many creative ways to make money … I just don’t see many people doing them. The biggest reason Fusion Cash is on here is because of their referral system, and the expiration of funds. If you do not log on often on Fusion Cash, you run the risk of losing lots of money as 1) your funds expire after a certain amount of time and 2) YOU must make at least $15 of the total amount of money to required to cash out. So, if you are making decent money from your referrals, you won’t be able to cash the money out if you are not active. I feel that if YOU refer people to the site, that money should not expire. just a thought. Most sites do not do this to you as this is a GREAT survey site ripoff. If you are active on Fusion Cash, then disregard this #5 selection.

#4 i.Think

i.Think include many surveys from samplicio.us. Read about samplico.us here. Samplicio does not have the greatest reputation around the internet. Think panel?… you will not make a lot of money since a lot of these surveys usually have a high number of errors. You can try it out, but at least you are informed. The site itself is ripoff, spend your time elsewhere.

Great alternative: Survey Savvy. Why? Survey Savvy uses it’s own survey engine and is 100% reliable. Survey Savvy also has number of create ways to earn.

#3 Cash Crate

In the beginning I really tried to like Cash Crate..It’s a really well put together website, and it actually has a GREAT referral  program that looks amazing on paper but the money is just hard to make. The surveys are not that bad…not great, but not bad. I’ve made a decent amount on Cash Crate, but the promises from Cash Crate  are unfulfilled. The customer service is good, but the standards are too damn high to be attractive an average casual user of a site like Cash Crate. They have been known to make drastic changes very suddenly which makes many users wary of putting too much time into it.

#2 Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is another knock off survey, and GPT site and it uses the same survey engine 70 percent of  survey sites online use, however what makes inbox dollars somewhat of a ripoff is that they are (in my opinion) more likely to accuse users of cheating on different tasks, or on surveys throughout the site. I have had two accounts with them, and both of them have been closed with no way to get my funds. I lost almost $150...read my post that talks about why it’s not smart to leave too much money in your survey site accounts here. Inbox dollars is the only site Ive had this problem with. It’s a site that looks great, but just be careful.

#1 Cash Fiesta

This site managed to stay online for years and years…ripping people year after year, after year. This is not a survey site but it promises to pay people to download a desktop bar on a windows computer and let it run, also they pay you to get referrals , and do offers. No matter how many people have tried the program out with good honest intentions, these honest users were still accused of cheating and were not able to collect any payments. A huge ripoff. Read more on Cash Fiesta here.

Great Alternative: Nothing. Nothing deserves to be listed underneath Cash Fiesta. It’s that bad.

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