Survey: VA Scandal..Veterans Deserve better?

by SurveyJargon

Survey: Scandal with the VA

What’s your opinion?

With everything happening with the VA scandal in the veterans healthcare system, what are your thoughts? VA ScandalThese are the men and woman who have fought for this country no matter how crazy it is. Recently a man, a Vietnam vet died waiting for 10 months for his first appointment with the VA. The appointment he made, was for SHORTNESS OF BREATH. Come on now.. 🙁

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With your thoughts, I put together a Toluna survey Poll just to see how most people really feel about the men and woman of the United States armed forces receiving this kind of treatment.

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What’s Being done about this Scandal

Currently… In Washington DC, the resignation of Shinseki and taking away this year’s performance bonuses from top level VA officials  is a start, but that will not create a better VA healthcare system in itself.

There is no reason why this should be happening with our nation’s defenders of yesterday, today and in the future. Please vote!


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