Swagbucks search bar is a tough cookie to beat!

by SurveyJargon

Does web searching for Cash get any Better than Swagbucks?

Swag bucks, My points, panda research, Cash crate and inbox dollars all offer great ways to earn cash by performing regular web searches. When using Swagbucks search in place of Google, yahoo, or any other search engine you might normally use you have the  privilege to earn cash for doing so.

Before , Swagbucks search was only usable directly from the Swagbucks website, or from the downloadable toolbar (which is outstanding as well). Now there is Swagbucks plugin that allows users to install Swagbucks search on their favorite web browser with out the extra installation of the exclusive search bar. This makes searching and earning cash easier and more effortless.

The search is the same…For about every 10 or so searches you will receive somewhere between 6-20 Swagbucks.. maybe more. Right now, there is no other search bar that is paying more than the amounts Swagbucks is paying. That conclusion is made since Swagbucks does not have a limit on searches, all other search bars are limited.

Give “Get Paid to” a chance

Some people are pretty hard on “Get paid to” and paid survey sites, but if you can earn money for something you have been doing everyday ..then why not at least try it out for a couple months? It’s free money!


Is SwagBucks search and earn feature a hard cookie to beat? We like to think so. Get paid to search and many other cool things. To maximize your earning potential sign up for other great search and earn paid survey sites!

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