Swagbucks vs Cash Crate: A great combination!

by SurveyJargon

Swagbucks vs Cash Crate: A great combination!

Swagbucks vs Cash Crate! If you are new to the whole paid surveys and “get paid to” world, you’re trying to keep things interesting and simple without Swagbucks vs Cash Cratemissing the primary benefit of earning real cash, then we have the perfect combo for you to consider. Swagbucks vs Cash Crate… or use them in combination. Cash Crate and Swag Bucks alone turns out to be two of the most outstanding survey websites especially when used together.

Swagbucks has a TON to offer… and it’s very FUN! Cash Crate on the other hand is a few steps down from Swagbucks but is still one of the best when it comes to paying its users to play games, watch videos, use widgets and search the internet.

Swagbucks vs Cash Crate: Games

Swagbucks  pays you good to play games. If playing Mahjong Dimensions, you receive 2 Swagbucks for every 2 games you play by alone. If you enter a match against other opponents,  you can earn much more by winning matches.  A fee is required to enter matches, so if you lose … you’ll only lose the SBs you used to enter the match. Mahjong Dimensions is among many more Swagbucks games that PAYS you cash to play. Sign up now to get startedSwagbucks vs Cash Crate

Cash Crate has a decent choice of games, however you aren’t paid to play them in the same way you are with Swag bucks.  Instead, you are given Cash Crate “points” instead of normal rewards which are used for various prizes. Prizes range from gift cards to expensive electronic devices. When all things considered, Swagbucks wins overall by a landslide.  Between Cash Crate and Swag Bucks, you should never be a victim of boredom …and if you know what you’re doing , you’ll never be a victim of empty pockets. I hope. 😀

Which one  has better Games?



Swagbucks offers a seemingly infinite amount of games and pays pretty good for all of them. Sign up to Swagbucks, and Cash Crate Today!

SwagBucks vs Cash Crate: Videos

Swag bucks does everything right when it comes to their videos…and then some! CRUSHING the competition. They cover every topic, and they’re accessible from Swagbucks vs Cash Crateanywhere…from the main website, toolbar, widget, and phone/tablet apps. The videos typically payout  3 SB per 10 videos on the full web version, and 2 SB for every 5 videos on your SBTV mobile app version. Very attractive.

Cash Crate also offers daily videos but these are severely limited when compared with Swag bucks. You may be offered 2-3 videos per day with each offering about .02 cents… keep in mind this is still better than the vast majority of sites that offer “pay to watch”.

Which one has better Video offers?




Swagbucks vs Cash Crate:Widgets

If you can find a good use of the widgets, good on you! You can place widgets anywhere you have content to help increase your chances of getting referrals. Below is the Swag bucks swidget.

Which one has better widgets?



While Both sites allow new users to sign up thru the widget, Swagbucks allows new users to sample a bit of the website before actually signing up. Outstanding widgets from both sites.

Swagbucks vs Cash Crate:Paid to Search

Cash Crate features a very smooth functioning search bar which is at the upper right hand corner of the website when logged in. You also can use the search available on the toolbar (**which you’re paid $1.00 for installing it). You will be paid for up 10 searches per day with each search paying .01 cent per search…

…That’s $36.50 per year to search normally…think if some one were to give you 36 dollars , would you deny it? Probably not.  Try for yourself; give it a shot. It doesn’t hurt to try it out.

Swagbucks vs Cash Crate

Swag Bucks crushes every competitor in the game… With unlimited searches, the earning potential is very high. You are rewarded anywhere between 6 and 40 swag bucks every 8 to 10 searches or so. If you are still searching for better sites…save your time and register with Swag Bucks and Cash Crate!

Swagbucks vs Cash Crate


Which one has better “Paid to Search”?





Even though Swagbucks vs Cash Crate are at the top of the list, Swagbucks dominates the competition by a landslide. To see what all the hype is about sign up for your swagbucks account today!

Try Paid Veiwpoint

title551189102If you are in love with Swagbucks , then I strongly suggest Paid Viewpoint. Paid Viewpoint is a fun survey site that does not screen out participants. To read more on Paid Viewpoint.. Read our blog post on it’s features.

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