Trusted Paid Survey Sites from 2010-2013

by SurveyJargon

Most Trusted Paid Survey sites

You want the most trusted Paid survey sites on the web because ,when it comes to your time, you don’t have any to give away to scams. Just like everything else, surveys sites can come with con artists and as a result many people once they’ve  been scammed they are likely to get angry 🙁 and associate everything with the product or service with scams. And for our users who are determined to make something out of survey taking you WILL realize quickly that you do not have time to waste on nonsense. This is why we’re writing this article on why it’s important to do you research find the most trusted paid survey sites, before the least trusted paid survey sites find you.

All of listed paid survey sites in this post all have one major thing in common. They are listed as being BBB accredited. All companies receive complaints and angry customers now and then (so beware of that), but being BBB accredited shows customers and (in your case) survey takers that these companies are extremely unlikely to scam you. Sure, even a trusted paid survey site may mess up once in every blue moon, but it doesn’t turn them out to be a scam.

Below is the listing of the most respected, and trusted paid survey sites to be registered with.


1. MySurvey

2. Global Test Market

3. American Consumer Panel

4. Fusion Cash

5. SurveyHead

6. E-poll

7.Survey Savvy

8. MyPoints


The BBB doesn’t play around, which implies that the above trust survey site doesn’t as well. “Time is money”, a simple saying that couldn’t be more true.  Before listening to the rants about which companies are screwing people over on money, be sure to look for the BBB symbol on somewhere on the webpage. Usually on the front page, or in the about us section. BBB accreditation is hard to get and companies are proud to show it.

Survey Jargon