Why paying for the “best” survey sites is a BAD idea! Don’t be scammed!

by SurveyJargon

Some sites really are scams

Survey scams…There are over 80 survey sites on the web and it’s good to know which ones are the best, which ones are so so, and which ones are to be ignored. There are some “survey” companies out there that claim they have these “secret” survey sites that are not available to the public without some kind of fee being paid. This fee is usually somewhere around $30-$40. There are additional one time offers that are suggested as well, add on another $10-$20.

In the past, I have purchased one of these “survey packages” hoping that it would be worth the money. I was hoping that I would have access to these secret HIGH paying survey sites it spoke about. I was hoping I would be able to become financially free from this site as it promised. The only thing that happened was that I lost my $40. Survey scam!

Well, all was not lost…I did gain some good pointers from the training (which we include for free in our survey education section) but was not worth $40.. nor were these sites different than the ones I were already using….for FREE! To top it all off, I just recently tried to check my “account” and the site is no longer available!…I get one of those generic internet pages that leads to nothing. Can you say “survey scam”?! So I decided to make this valuable information available for FREE at our newly made website!

If you don’t remember anything from this blog, just leave knowing that If a survey site has any kind of fees attached to it…run ..run far and long!

Survey Jargon