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SurveyJargon Education - Pt I

A look at legit survey sites and how to get paid from surveys!

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What is an online survey, and how could I get paid for surveys?

Online surveys are one way of many methods that research companies use for data collection. This data is used for the maintaining and improving of current and future products and services in general.

Getting paid? Online surveys have also has become the easiest way for consumers to contriubute their opinions directly to manufatures. Just about everyone is connected to the internet nowadays, and it's easy to do, and easy to be paid!

Toluna - Global Test MarketSwagbucks (Great Combination!)

ANSWER: The reason these companies pay is simple... Manufactures, and corporations constantly pay out millions of dollars annually to research companies to acquire data from everyday consumers like you and me. Now why would the survey companies pay us?

Well think about it like this...how many people who you know really LOVE doing surveys in there spare time? Thinking deeper..you yourself at some point may have had a hard time getting people to do a survey for some reason...whether it was for a family reunion, workplace improvements, activities to have at a BBQ etc. Most people rather find something else to do with there time because time is valuable.

Recieve pay from doing sample poll surveys like this one:

Below is a very small list of reasons companies pay for survey data:

  • To improve consumer electronics..
  • To improve web, delivery, food services..
  • To improve public relations..
  • To see what people enjoy watching on TV..
  • To see what kinds of people drink certian bevearges..
  • To get political viewpoints. and so on..

And because time is so valuable, companies pay consumers to tell them what they think of their company. What consumers are thinking controls everything about how these companies will perform in the future. What is a better way to gain an edge on your competitors than to get the secrets they need directly from the ecomonic consumers?

Toluna - Global Test MarketSwagbucks (Great Combination!)

Come Again?What do they do with the collected Data?

Getting paid?


If you feel ready to get started with online paid research, then we suggest clicking on the Big Green Button below to get started. There are 80 survey sites available on our website!

When you complete a survey, you're contributing critical data needed for them to basically continue making money (and to stay in business). This data is then used in further company research to improve or invent new products and services.

Legitimate survey companies will pay it's members for their time and effort. Your opinion is very valuable and it doesn't matter who you are... you are a consumer with an opinion.

2. STOP! Put down your Debit Card!


Before you get overly excited entering your 16 digit credit card numbers into the first website you run across..please read up on this first.Paid Research is FREE, and requires no money down...period.

Just your time and patience is required..


Beginners are led to believe that before they can make good money from paid research, you have to pay something. This is misleading. DO NOT PAY FOR SURVEYS. Many bogus ad sites charge unsuspecting participants claiming that they will have access to "member restricted" surveys that aren’t otherwise accessible. These "restricted surveys" are the same as the sites that are already available online...for free. So do your research, before giving away your money


Survey "Training"

Survey training which is what you're getting now for free is what you would be paying for. Most scam survey sites will charge you anywhere from $40-$100 standard. If you sign up for additional service, you can find yourself out of up to $200. You can very easily make back lost money doing online surveys, but why give away money.

SwagBucks - YouGov - SurveySavvy (three of the best!)

Not all Survey Sites accept Newbies Right Away

A few research companies do not accept regular sign ups and only accept sign ups during random time periods, or specially invited by current member. Pine Cone Research is a good example of a site that is not continually open for new registrations.


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