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SurveyJargon Education - Pt IV

Let's get you up to speed, shall we!

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8. How to Answer Survey Questions

When answering questions in a survey a survey taker should always read and understand each question. This will prevent screen outs, and survey disqualications by keeping your answers consistent and clear. Doing this will allow you to earn much more money much faster and eaiser.


Don't Lie

Secondly ,be truthful. Surveys are much easier and faster to complete when you're being truthful. Surveys can tell if you are lying. Especially if you're not a good liar. They know the game. Below are a few things people wrongly lie about during online surveys.

Don't forget the reason behind this kind of research is to improve all of our lives in everyway. This is just a way to voice our opinions, and be rewarded for doing so.

Things people lie about on surveys

  • Where they work
  • If they have children or not
  • How much money they make
  • Where they live
  • If they've completed a survey of the subject in the past

SwagBucks - YouGov - SurveySavvy (three of the best!)

What can Happen for Lying on Surveys?

Well, not a whole lot in terms of punishment, but you will find yourself screening out of a whole lot of surveys. Also, you'll have to live with yourself knowing you've lied lol.

Do Surveys Slowly

Take your time...You may actuallly waste more time rushing. Lots of surveys use quality control measures which include monitoring user survey progress, and completion. You can speed thru surveys but you have a higher chance of being disqualified, therefore wasting time. Below are some benefits to slowing down:

  • You will understand the questions better
  • You will not screenout as often
  • You will catch "survey ending" mistakes
  • You actually might learn something

9. Give Feedback.

It doesn't hurt to comment after each survey. It may increase the liklihood you will recieve more surveys if you show additional interest in the research company themselves.

10. Repeat the Process.

Depending on how serious you are , participate in as many sites as you think you can handle. Start with 5 and eventially get to 40.

Some sites are a waste of time, or not fully functional. Those sites are on the bottom of our rankings. Definitely stick with the BBB accredited survey sites, however there arent an infinite amount of those.

If you're serious about making this real income, then you have to treat it as a job. If you dont have that attitude , it wont work. Making a livable income, and working for your self by doing online surveys is possible, but it takes effort just like with anything else.

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