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Referral marketing and Extras!!

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11. Extra Tips!!

-Get an additional email address such as Gmail strictly for surveys invitations. Once you have signed up for a large amount of survey sites, almost all of your email will be survey offers.The more accounts you have, the more cash flow you can have!

- Do not shut off accounts , unless they are absolutely no benefit. Read our blog post on this!

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  • Keep track of surveys and earnings. Seeing your earnings will keep you motivated. I use a MS Excel spread sheet that easily calculates all earnings. You can make your own, or use our pretty spreadsheet tracker.

  • If you were to treat this as an actual job, and if you're serious, you could possibly end up replacing a part time job... or even a full time job. Learn more on how to get your referrals make more money for you. Referral marketing is big buisness and can earn you enought in itself. Learn more about referral marketing and how to get referrals for any kind of referral program.

  • Use a program such as Robo form to remember a lot of your demographic information. This will be helpful for getting thru your screeners.

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